The Scope Of Application Of Fiber Optic Disc

The fiber optic disc is a fiber storage container, and the fiber optic connector is a fiber optic connection device.

1, optical fiber connector: optical fiber and optical fiber between the detachable (active) connected devices, it is the optical fiber of the two ends of the precision docking, so that the emission of optical fiber output energy to the maximum coupling to the receiving fiber And to minimize the impact on the system due to its involvement in optical links, which is a fundamental requirement for fiber optic connectors. Also known as fiber optic connectors.

2, fiber optic disk: because the fiber is very fine, so the fiber after welding, the need to fix the fiber or placed in the disc position, so that fiber shift, damaged, Fiber Disc affecting the communication.

Main technical parameters * Operating temperature: -5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ * Relative humidity: ≤ 85% (30 ℃), * Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106Kpa * Flammability: flame retardant plastic (ABS), flame retardant performance Industry requirements, add anti-aging agent!

Applications * For fiber splicing, branching * Cover can be reversed, Fiber Disc the tray can be superimposed, expand capacity, install, use and for convenience

There are two main methods for the cohesive heat dissipation technology of fiber laser gain fiber. First, the gain fiber and the connected device are all housed in a container and adopt the method of plastic sealing. Although this method can ensure good heat dissipation, But its shortcomings are obvious, that is, once the part of the device problems, it will lead to maintenance inconvenience can even be said to be unable to maintain, only the part of the whole discarded, resulting in unnecessary waste; Second, the gain fiber coil Fiber tray, Fiber Disc there are two ways, one is the use of cylindrical cylindrical, optical fiber and cylindrical surface between the double-sided adhesive, but this approach is not only inconvenient to operate, and the cooling effect is not good; another approach is in the fiber tray cylinder But the majority of the slot is very deep and only open on the cylindrical surface, the need to gain the fiber end of the pump light dump point from the fiber tray leads to another disposal, resulting in part of the gain fiber floating Or the need for special heat treatment of the fiber, in short, Fiber Disc the structure is complex and not conducive to different lengths of fiber from any position leads.

The optical fiber tray includes a top surface and a cylindrical surface connected to the top surface, the optical disk including a partitioning groove formed around the cylindrical surface, an arcuate groove provided at the top edge, and an arc groove connected between the arc groove and the partition , Fiber Disc And a pump light dumping point is provided in the arcuate groove. A further improvement of the present invention is that the dividing groove is a rectangular thread groove. A further improvement of the present invention is that the separation grooves of the separation grooves are rounded. A further improvement of the present invention is that the arcuate groove is provided at the top edge of the optical disk. A further improvement of the present invention is that both ends of the transition tank are tangentially connected to the arc-shaped groove and the separation groove, respectively. Fiber Disc A further improvement of the present invention is that the optical disk is provided with a plurality of countersunk grooves which are evenly arranged in the circumferential direction of the top surface. A further improvement of the present invention is that the fiber optic disc is made of an aluminum alloy or copper. A further improvement of the present invention is that the cylindrical surface of the optical disk is coated with a heat sealant. Compared with the prior art, the optical fiber tray of the invention has compact and practical structure and good heat dissipation. Fiber Disc It also makes the coiling of the optical fiber easier, and the fiber tap can be crossed at any position without being damaged. Easy integration of lasers and long-term stable operation to provide a strong guarantee.