Grinding Wheel Is The Most Widely Used In A Kind Of Abrasive

Grinding wheel is the most important type of abrasive grinding. A grinding wheel is a porous body made of a binder, a compact, dried and roasted. Due to the different abrasives, binders and manufacturing processes, the characteristics of the grinding wheel vary widely and therefore have an important impact on the grinding quality, productivity and economy.

Grinding wheel, also known as consolidation abrasive, grinding wheel is a combination of ordinary abrasive into a certain shape (mostly round, the central through-hole), Grinding Wheel and has a certain strength of the consolidation abrasive. Which is generally composed of abrasive, binder and pores, these three parts are often referred to as the three elements of consolidation abrasive. According to the different classification of binding agents, common are ceramic (binding agent) grinding wheel, resin (bonding agent) grinding wheel, rubber (bonding agent) grinding wheel. The grinding wheel is the largest amount of abrasive, the most widely used one, Grinding Wheel the use of high-speed rotation, metal or non-metallic parts of the cylindrical, inner circle, plane and various types of rough grinding, Grinding and grooving and cutting.

Grinding wheel, also known as grinding wheel, widely used in machinery manufacturing, construction and other industries. Mainly by the grinding wheel itself and the two parts of the wheel, Grinding Wheel the use of plugged in the power after the switch, the yarn piece began to work.

In the machinery manufacturing work, mainly with it to deal with grinding welding and the original processing of the first knife process products. Grinding wheel when the thin film to replace the new, Grinding Wheel the use of wearing protective glasses.

The grinding wheel consists of three parts: abrasive, binder (binder), porosity

among them:

1, abrasive: grinding wheel is the main grinding part, with sharp edges and corners, that is, a small cutting edge, to cut the workpiece, abrasive is often very hard material, usually compounds, Grinding Wheel such as emery (chemical composition is silicon carbide) , Corundum (chemical composition is aluminum oxide), diamond, etc., the most common is the abrasive wheel and corundum wheel.

2, the binder: According to the use of different grinding wheel, ceramics, resins, rubber, metal, etc., its main role is to adhere to the abrasive together to form a certain shape of the wheel.

3, the pores: the pores are the main components of the wheel, the purpose of the pores is to reduce the bonding strength of the adhesive, Grinding Wheel storage grinding down the grinding steel scrap, when the small abrasive sharp part of the bald, it will be due to the combination of pores Reduced strength and peeling, revealing new sharp abrasive, conducive to further grinding.