Grinding Wheel Is The Most Used In The Abrasive

Grinding wheel is the most widely used processing tool in grinding technology, and is currently used for consolidation abrasive grinding wheel and electroplating wheel. The traditional abrasive grinding wheel and electroplated grinding wheel are easy to fall off, Grinding Wheel the chip space is small, the working surface is easy to clog and the grinding temperature is high.

After grinding wheel preparation, the grinding surface quality of diamond grinding wheel with ordinary resin was carried out under the same test conditions. The results show that the surface quality of the grinding wheel is better than that of the ordinary resin binder, and the surface integrity is better. Grinding Wheel The macroscopic crack and surface damage are relatively few. When the feed rate is 40 mm / s and the grinding depth is 40μm, Grinding surface roughness of 0.52μm, grinding wheel than ordinary resin grinding surface roughness reduced by 20%; the same test conditions, the new grinding wheel grinding surface residual stress decreased by 8% to 12%, the diamond in the Grinding process has experienced a complete, small pieces of broken, large pieces of broken, Grinding Wheel wear and other forms of normal wear, which has a long service life.

Grinding wheel characteristics refers to the grinding wheel surface abrasive density, abrasive cutting edge and abrasive blade height distribution and so on. Accurate measurement and quantitative evaluation of grinding wheel landscape not only help to deepen the understanding of the grinding mechanism, but also the grinding process optimization, Grinding Wheel grinding process modeling and simulation of the prerequisite for indispensable. The abrasive density, abrasive grain shape and abrasive grain sharpness of different granularity oxidized grinding wheel were evaluated by using the Birmingham three-dimensional surface roughness characteristic parameters. The abrasive grain height The mathematical model of the height distribution of the abrasive grains on the surface of the oxidized grinding wheel was established by statistical method. The results show that the shape of the grinding wheel on the surface of the oxidation wheel is similar to that of the cone with the radius of the ball. With the increase of the number of the grinding wheel, the radius of the round edge of the grinding wheel is reduced. In the same grinding wheel dressing process, The difference between the top and the taper angle is not the same; the height of the abrasive grain of the oxidized grinding wheel is in accordance with the normal distribution law.

The grinding wheel is mainly made by abrasive and binder resin abrasive, Grinding Wheel it is in all the abrasive used in the largest number of the widest range of a kind of abrasive. How should we choose the wheel in our daily routine?

1. The type of grinding wheel is very much, but we choose the time according to the material to choose.

2. We in the choice of time, Grinding Wheel you can through the hard wheel and the speed of operation to choose.

3. We should be based on the grinding of the items, to choose the size of the wheel size.