Grinding Disc

Cutting piece belongs to the grinding wheel, made of abrasive and binder resin used for ordinary steel, stainless steel sheet metal and nonmetal material. By glass fiber and resin enhanced materials, has a high tensile strength, impact and flexural strength, are widely used in ordinary steel, stainless steel metal and non-metallic materials production, excellent material, exquisite craft, guarantees the artifacts of different materials of high cutting efficiency and the best economic effect.

By combining carious aluminium oxide grains, this wheel offers fast stock removal,improved grinding time and less operator fatigue.


Grinding Disc for Steel

Abrasive Material:  Aluminum Oxide

Type: Depressed Center Grinding Disc ( T27 )

Features:High performance, good removal rates and long life. Great solidity for heavy-duty applications. High stability for grinding. Depressed Center. 

Application: For alloy steels and non-alloy, mainly on surface grinding, welding lines, edge and carbon steel in general.

EN 12413*80m/s.


Grinding Wheel for Stainless Steel

Abrasive Material: Premium Aluminum Oxide

Type: Depressed Center Grinding Disc ( T27 )

Features:Soft disc with high grinding power. Fast and cool cut. Material is not colored during operation. 

Application: For stainless steel, alloy materials, naval steel in general grinding works, and on welding lines and surface grinding. 

EN 12413*80m/s.


Size: 4",4.5",5" 6",7"9".

Thickness: 1/4",1/8".