Fiber Tray Practical Strong

Fiber drive is to improve the speed and flexibility of multi-hard disk storage system was developed, it appears to greatly improve the multi-hard drive system communication speed. Fiber Drive has a Fiber Channel interface (FC, Fiber Channel) hard drive, hard drive with this interface with hot-swappable, high-speed bandwidth (4Gb / s), remote connectivity, etc. when using fiber connections, limited to its high Price, Fiber Disc usually used in high-end server areas

Fiber tray features

The internal transmission rate of the fiber tray is much higher than that of an ordinary hard disk because of the higher speed of the disk, higher speed.

1. Up to 171MB / sec of sustainability data transfer rate.

2. With vertical recording technology, Fiber Disc the magnetic density can be as high as 225Gb / square inch.

3. Provide up to 4Gb / s Fiber Channel external interface.

, Belonging to the optical fiber communication wiring equipment, the main box body composition, is characterized in the box side by side with two or more vertical card, Fiber Disc each side of the board with a wire frame, hole. Can be used with the standard communications cabinets, the use of separate winding wiring, can be wrapped around a dozen pairs of fiber, each fiber independent of each other, do not affect each other to ensure the safety performance of optical fiber. At the same time capacity, will not cause the equipment interruption, with a novel structure, practical, easy to use the effect, beautiful appearance, easy maintenance.

As the fiber is relatively brittle, Fiber Disc using a large size of the guide wire and winding tube.