Fiber Optic Discs Are Used In High-end Servers

Fiber optic disk is a hard disk for fiber interface, its main feature is the transmission speed, Fiber Disc mainly used in high-end servers.

Used to focus on storage systems, in order to improve the speed and flexibility of multi-hard disk storage system was developed, Fiber Disc it appears to greatly improve the multi-hard disk system communication speed.

1. Support the FC interface of high-end workstations, servers

2. Disk array system that supports FC interfaces IBM Storage DS5020 Dell PowerVault MD3200

Fiber drive has a Fiber Channel interface (FC, Fiber Channel) hard drive, with this interface hard drive in the use of fiber-optic connection with hot-swappable, high-speed bandwidth (4Gb / s), Fiber Disc remote connectivity and other characteristics limited to its high price , Usually used in high-end server areas

Professional optical disk internal transmission rate is much higher than the average hard drive, because the use of a higher density of the disk, higher speed.

1. Up to 171MB / sec sustainability data transfer rate.

2. With vertical recording technology, the magnetic density can be as high as 225Gb / square inch.

3. Provide up to 4Gb / s Fiber Channel external interface. Fiber-optic connections have fiber-related characteristics

1. Use multimode fiber connections up to 500 meters.

2. Use single-mode fiber connection up to 10 km.

For larger scale storage network systems, Fiber Disc fiber optic discs are the best choice. Costly.

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