Chinese New Year!

Chinese year also  named the Spring Festival. Because the Spring Festival is China's most solemn and important festivals, the global Chinese and overseas Chinese are celebrating the Chinese year (Spring Festival) .

During the Spring Festival, people hold various celebrations. Spring Festival's custom, generally to eat dumplings, paste couplets, hanging lanterns, wearing new clothes,  also hanging Chinese knot, ect.

About ten days before the festival,  people began to busy procurement of goods, including chicken and duck meat, tea wine sauce,nuts, sugar, fruit, have to buy enough, but also to prepare some New Year gift when visiting relatives and friends , Children to purchase new clothes new hat.

We also paste red paper couplets in the door. The house posted colorful auspicious New Year paintings and window grilles, hung in front of the red lanterns or affixed Fu word and God of Wealth, the door gods, etc.,  To add enough festive atmosphere for the festival.

Spring Festival is a joyful and and a delegation of circle festival, but also the days of family reunion, the children who away from homego back to home to get together  in the Spring Festival.

Spring Festival, set off firecrackers, posted on the doors and windows calligraphy and painting blessing, decorate their homes, is the festival's most common customs. men and women are dressed in festive costumes, give the family of elders New Year's greetings, congratulations to the new hi, congratulations to get rich, congratulations the another year is good, then, ancestors worship the ancestors of the new year, and other activities. The festive atmosphere is not only filled in various households, but also filled the streets. Some places on the streets there are exorcism dance Zhong Kui, lion dance, playing the dragon, flower market, visiting the temple and other customs. During this period lanterns full of tourists, the streets lively, unprecedented, straight to the first lunar January fifteen Lantern Festival, the Spring Festival is considered a real end.

Now with China's soft power and hard power of the continuous improvement ,China is slowly internationalized by the people around the world to pursue , China's "flavor" is spreading the world!