Structure of the abrasive cutting

Protective cover

1, grinder shields must have sufficient strength (plate thickness of 1.5~3MM) and effective cover. suspending or cutting wheel for maximum opening angle is less than or equal to 180 degrees; desktop and floor grinders, maximum opening angle is less than or equal to 125 degrees, the grinding wheel spindle Center above water opening angle is less than or equal to 65 degrees;

2, shield installation to be secure to prevent wheel spinning loose and fall off;

3, protective cover and the wheel to match the space between. new wheels and cover plate front clearance 20~30MM, side of the cover plate with the wheel clearance for 10~15MM.

Block Board

1, block Board should have enough strength and adjustable;

2, block Board should be securely installed on the protected enclosure, complete adjusting bolt, tighten;

Board 3, retaining a certain strength, can effectively block the wheel fragments and flying sparks;

4, out of chip Board width should be greater than the protective cover circular section width;

5, the Board should be able to block with the wear of grinding wheel and adjust the clearance of circumferential surface with grinding wheel, less than or equal to the space between the two 6MM;

6, grinding machine below the shield in the center of Wheel spindle horizontal opening angle of 30 degrees or less out of chip Board is not set