In installing grinders cutting considerations

Installation first to test for the safety and quality of the grinding wheel, method, with a velvet hammer (or pen) tap the side of the grinding wheel, sound crisp no problem. Positioning problem wheel drive where is installed, is our first problem during installation, only reasonable and suitable location is selected, we can carry out other work. Grinders prevent installation on nearby equipment and where the operator or people in the past, most workplace should install the wheel room. If plant of grinding wheel topography limit cannot be set private room should be installed at Sanders positive protective bezel height not less than 1.8M, and requires strong and effective. Balance wheel imbalance is mainly determined by wheel manufacture and installation are not accurate, wheel centre of gravity and the axis of rotation caused by misalignment. Imbalances caused mainly manifests itself in two ways, on the one hand on the wheel rotating at high speed, vibration, easily have a polygonal surface mark, on the unbalanced accelerates the wear of shaft vibration and bearing, which will cause the collapse of the wheel, or even to cause an accident. Therefore, requiring great is greater than or equal to 200mm sand building loading Chuck for static balance should be, wheel shaped dressing or found to be in the works after balancing, static balancing should be repeated. Matching matching refers to Chuck and wheel installation support issues. According to the standard requirements, Chuck grinding wheel diameter shall not be installed less than diameter of the sand building 1/3, and corresponding provisions in wear of grinding wheel diameter than Chuck-big 10MM should be replaced with new wheels. So there is a Chuck and grinding wheel match, otherwise it may cause this situation, "horse car" equipment and materials wasted; "little horse-drawn carts" do not meet the safety requirements, and cause personal injury. Therefore, Chuck and reasonable matching of the grinding wheel, on the one hand can save equipment, cutting about materials and meet the requirements for safe operation. In addition, the wheel should also be installed with Chuck diameter is greater than the diameter of the Chuck 2mm, 1mm~2mm thick cushions. Protection shield is a grinder's main protection device, its role is: when wheels at work for some reason that, effectively covering the wheel pieces, ensure the safety of personnel. Wheel cover two types of round and square shapes, not exceeding the maximum opening angle 90 °; shield material for steel tensile strength not less than 415N/mm2. When replacing the new wheels, hood installation to be solid and reliable and protective cover should not be removed or discarded. Retaining wall screen is one of the grinders of the main protective accessories, protective cover at the spindle level above an opening greater than or equal to 30 (must be set when the appliance. Its main function is to block the grinding process of fly quiet, so as not to injure the operator. It installed in the hood opening is being carried, the width should be greater than the wheel width of the shield, and it should be securely fastened to the protective covering. Furthermore, the circumferential surface of grinding wheel with gap baffles should be less than 6mm. Bay Bay is commonly used in grinding machines annex one of the required diameter of grinding wheel in grinding machine 150mm must be set with adjustable bracket. Wheel and bracket minimum should be less than the distance between work piece shape-inch 1/2, but the maximum should not exceed 3mm. Grounding problem grinding machine using power lines, so the casing must have good earthing protection device of the equipment. This is easily one of the most important factors contributing to accidents.