Grinder cutting operation

1, the grinder must be smooth and reliable operation, grinding wheel wear does not exceed, and used within the validity period;

2, grinding machine rack should have a certain degree of stiffness and stability (in a fastened on the ground to prevent vibration);

Runtime 3, wheel, for no apparent radial;

4 the rotation speed over the grinding wheel, grinding wheel periphery of safe speed (sorry on the table);

5, grinding wheel wear to a certain level must be replaced;

6, diameter of grinding wheel wear limit size:

7, wheel wear limit size

8, glue on a mandrel of diameter d in d+2

9, installed with screws screw diameter D0 D0+2

10, with a diameter of D3 flange installation D3+10

11, PE to reliable connection control product complies with the relevant provisions of the metal-cutting machine tools. (At least to switch sensitive, reliable)