Angle Grinder

Abrasives and bonded resin has a through hole in the center of a circle made of bonded abrasives. Angle grinder is grinding with the largest, the use of one of the most widespread, use of high-speed rotation, may be of metal or Nonmetal workpiece outside round, inside round, flat and level, such as grinding, fine grinding and fine grinding and slotting and cutting. Angle grinders range. According to the abrasive can be divided into ordinary abrasive (such as alumina and silicon carbide) grinding wheel and abrasive superhard Abrasives (diamond and cubic Boron Nitride) grinding wheel shapes can be divided into flat grinding wheels, the bevel wheel, cylindrical wheel, such as Cup wheel and disc wheel; can be classified by bond Ceramic grinding wheels, resin wheels, rubber wheel, metal wheels, and so on. Main characteristic parameters of grinding wheel are abrasive, viscosity, hardness, bonded, shape, size, and so on. Due to the grinding wheels are usually working at high speed, so before using the Rotary test (guarantee wheel at maximum operating speeds, not crack) and static balance test (prevention of machine vibration caused by work). Wheels at work after a period of time, repair should be carried out in order to restore the geometry of the grinding performance and correct.

Angle grinding, is made of special fabric for reinforcement of a resin abrasive. Angle grinder with high tensile, impact and bending strength, angle grinders are widely used in a variety of metal and non-metal grinding, derusting, fast and economical.

Resin-bonded glass fiber grid reinforced high speed grinding tools, its resilient high impact strength, high grinding rate, easy to use and safe. Maximum operating speed up to 80m/s, installed in the freedom of all kinds of grinding machine for grinding, easy to use, widely used in the automotive, marine, machine manufacturing and metallurgy, chemical aspects. Clean weld, welding, grinding castings, Burr, Burr and repairing metal surface defects. For ordinary steel, pipe, angle steel, stainless steel, sheet steel, stone and concrete containing cut and so on.