300mm Abrasive Wheel for Stainless Steel Grinding Cutting Disc En12413
Basic Info
  • Material: Alumina

  • Shapes: Circle

  • Grain Size: 36#

  • Size: 300*4*22.2mm

  • Hardness: Q

  • Bond: Resin

  • Color: Black

  • Abrasive: Superabrasive

  • Types: Cutting Wheel

  • Working Style: Cutting

  • Type: T41

  • Application: Metal

  • Shape: Flat-Shaped

  • Rpm: 6600

    Product Description

Cutting disc for Metal

1. First grade Aluminum Oxide grains
2. Sharpness, high efficiency and safety
3. Suitable for all cutting machines and all types of metals
4. High security and performance
5. Superior quality with ratio price

1. Sharpness with durable feature, regular in cut surface and no burn the steel.
2. Factory price, quality ensured, high cost performance.
3. Product diversification in colour. 
4. Factory professional manufacture with more stable quality.
5. Can according to the requirement of client to produce the goods which meet customer requirement with satisfaction.

Packing $ Storage conditions
1. Using the airproof packing with the moistureproof-bead in each carton so that can keep the cutting and grinding performance well.
2. Using the three layer corrugated carton for inner box and five layer corrugated carton for outer carton. For the cymbals-shape cutter or grinder dish we using the pearl-cotton packing material to block off for protecting the production appearance.
3. Storage Conditions: keeping dryness for the finished product warehouse and storing the product on the tray with sorting. It will be propitious to the production storage and production quality protection.
After service &marketing
1. We have a team of after service can assist the customer to solve various problems during using. We will offer solution for you with enthusiasm.
2. Our product are being sold well all over China with general good judgment from the customers. Partial products are exported to lots of countries and regions around the world. Such as Euramerican market, Middle East, Southeast Asian market and etc. We have established a series huge sales system.
3.Accept OEM.
4.Free samples offered.

27KX8002014'' * 1/8 * 5/8100*3*16801530048028.942*31*21.5
27KX8002024'' * 5/32 * 5/8100*4*1680153004003142*31*21.5
27KX8002034'' * 3/16 * 5/8100*5*1680153003002737.5*32*32
27KX8002044'' * 1/4 * 5/8100*6*16801530020021.840*22*22
27KX8002055'' * 1/4 * 5/8125*6*16801220015026.439.5*20.8*27
27KX8002065'' * 1/4 * 7/8125*6*22801220015026.439.5*20.8*27
27KX8002076'' * 1/4 * 7/8150*6*22801020010024.542.5*31.5*16.2
27KX8002087'' * 1/4 * 7/8180*6*2280850010034.542.5*37.5*19.2
27KX8002099' * 1/4 * 7/8230*6*228066505028.238*25*25